Oct. 29, 2021

S2E8-Halloween Special! Shanna Stoker Interview

S2E8-Halloween Special! Shanna Stoker Interview

In this episode, Ghost Joe talks about witches, dolls, and has a very informative interview with the founder of The Ghoulish Garb, Shanna Stoker!

Shanna Stoker (The Ghoulish Gal)Profile Photo

Shanna Stoker (The Ghoulish Gal)

Entrepreneur & Witch

Shanna Stoker is the co-owner/operator of The Ghoulish Garb, a shop dedicated to creating unique designs celebrating witchcraft and the macabre since 2018. She is a practicing witch whose love of tarot and all things grim inspired the idea for Terror Tarot: Major Arcana Deck. Stoker has a background in historical research, theatrical performance, and artistic direction, as well as a passion for witchcraft, the paranormal, and literary lore, all of which help inform her as she works with her phenomenally talented team to design products like this vibrantly morbid deck.