July 2, 2021

S1E19- Crystal Panek, BFRO, Nostradamus

S1E19- Crystal Panek, BFRO, Nostradamus

In this episode, Ghost Joe interviews Crystal Panek who is a Bigfoot Field Researcher for the NH section. We look at Prophet Nostradamus, his life, and predictions.



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Crystal Panek

After having an encounter with a Bigfoot in upstate New York as a child, Crystal has always had a fascination in all things cryptid and the paranormal.

This stirred a passion and she needs answers. She has been searching for cryptids/paranormal pretty much her entire life.

After high school she joined the USAF, she got out as a Staff Sergeant and worked in the civilian sector performing a variety of positions and raising a family.

She is currently a Field Researcher for the Bigfoot Researchers Organization (BFRO) for the State of NH, member of the Squatch Files Research Team, a paranormal investigator, and a contributing author for Squatch GQ Magazine and G-Hunter Magazine.

For her day job she is an author writing computer books for Sybex/Wiley Publishing and is a Microsoft Engineer.

She always goes into every investigation with the intent to obtain evidence. Whether it's searching for Bigfoot or getting answers to the spirit world.

She doesn't jump to conclusions. Not everything in the woods is Bigfoot and not every bump in the night is a ghost.

She NEEDS evidence and seeks those answers.